Grass…The Enemy

gross-grass.jpgI hate grass–yes, I do. Ever since I was young, I hated sitting on it, walking on it, walking through it, you name it. Obviously, I just hate getting dirty — you never know if there’s dog poop left by some irresponsible dog owner, or whether some insect is going to crawl up your leg. Yuck!

Unfortunately, being a dog owner means occasionally stepping onto the dreaded patches of green to allow the dogs to relieve themselves…or so you’d think. It must have been intuition, fate, or destiny (whatever you want to call it) when I found Pom Pom, because my little girl and I have the same hatred of grass. The only time Pom steps onto grass is when she absolutely has to, and immediately after she does her business, she’ll run to the nearest non-grass area (i.e. sidewalk, dirt path, etc.).

This alternative to walking on grass isn’t very plausible here in rainy, muddy, sidewalk-less Eugene, Oregon. Today, Pom Pom and I were forced to walk on wet muddy ground with no sidewalk in sight. I was so miserable — imagine your worst phobia, and that’s what walking on grass (especially uneven, unmowed, wet puddly grass) is like for me. Well, I looked down at Pom Pom and noticed that she was also hesitant at taking steps…eventually, we both just sucked it up and walked as fast as we could to get back to our happy place – the cement.

Like mother, like daughter!

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