Review: Terrabone Dental Bone

When it comes to dental chews, I never expect them to last long. Even for Pom Pom, who has maybe 3 teeth left in her tiny mouth, a Greenie will last 10 minutes…and that’s after 7 minutes of licking! With Casper, forget it – he takes the chews into the room, and a couple of minutes later he reappears licking his mouth and stalks Pom Pom for hopes of stealing her bone.

So imagine my surprise when I brought back a Terrabone, and this thing lasted for an entire hour of Casper’s constant chewing! What a nice perk, because I had only brought it home due to its ingredients: organic brown rice, no animal products, and no gluten, wheat, soy, or corn, among other things. For $2 per bone, we may just have found our occasional treat for the dogs.

Pros: All-natural, made in U.S., long lasting (for a dental chew).
Cons: It may have lasted an hour for Casper, but it is likely to last much less for a larger and/or chew-happy dog.

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