City Dogs Go For a Romp on the Range

herddogs.jpgIn a time when work schedules are full and open outdoor spaces are disappearing, finding an outlet for an energy-charged dog can be increasingly difficult.

A growing number of dog owners are discovering herding clubs–acres of open land where dogs get to ditch the leash and learn to get in touch with their “inner herder.”

According to one ranch owner, herding clubs offer a mix of training techniques that help dogs become more confident and assertive, as well as give them a mental and physical workout. Also, many of the dogs get to tap into their innate abilities by herding livestock while on the ranch.

The American Kennel Club said more than 10,000 dogs completed herding trials throughout the nearly 200 existing clubs in 2006.

Source: The Associated Press

K9 Commentary:

I think most people know what it’s like to see their dog laying on the floor of their house, sighing from boredom. I live in Eugene, Oregon, which is like the outdoor capital of the world, and I still don’t do enough outdoor activities with my dogs. These types of outdoor clubs are a nice way to ensure dogs are getting all the stimulation they need.

It’s easy for dog owners to forget (myself included) that our dogs are, um, ANIMALS and love to be outside–not just laying on the couch or playing dress-up every day.

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