Interpreting Pom Pom Behavior

As I’ve mentioned before, Pom Pom talks to me — and this little girl doesn’t need words for her mommy to understand her.
Pom Pom is REALLY good at making me feel guilty when we’re leaving leaving. That’s what I call the “Guilt Trip.”

Today, Pom Pom pulled “The Pout” when Dustin and I were leaving for dinner. The Pout is exactly how it sounds: She senses that we’re leaving, and reacts by laying on the sofa and ignoring all eye contact with us…basically, ignoring us in every possible way. She lays her head down on her two front paws and you can just SEE the pouting lips.

Other Pom Pom behaviors include Sh*t Dog Crazy (term courtesy of Dustin), and “Pissed Off.”

Sh*t Dog Crazy is when she runs around the house like mad, huffing and puffing. This one usually happens when Pom knows she’s about to go out with us (don’t ask me how she can differentiate, but she can). Pissed Off is reserved for the few times when Pom’s TRULY so angry about us leaving the house that she just starts barking…and just so we get this straight, our little Papillon does NOT have a yappy bark — she barks like a true dog should (just cuter!).

Okay, to summarize, here is the glossary of Pom Pom Behaviors:
1) Guilt Trip: Shakes, sad puppy eyes.
2) The Pout: Avoidance of eye contact, pouty mouth, feigned carelessness.
3) Sh*t Dog Crazy: Insane running (often into walls, people, and other animals), panting, huffing, constant jumping on and off high places.
4) Pissed Off: Loud, angry barking not commonly found in small dogs.

More to be added later…

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