Review: Kong Wubba

Why you should get a Wubba: These things are made for dogs who love to play fetch. Those little flappy “tail” things at the bottom of the Wubba? Those give you something to hold on to when you throw it for your pooch. Dogs also use them to grab and shake the toy.

Why the Wubba may not be for you (or your dog): Simply put, some dogs just like to chase traditional balls, and that’s it. The odd shape of the Wubba might not have a very lasting impression on the fetch-lover in your life. Some dogs will just try to rip through the nylon cover to get to the “reward” inside (the nylon IS pretty durable, so most dogs shouldn’t be able to get through it).

The verdict: Kong Wubba is definitely a unique toy best-suited for toy-crazy dogs. Dogs may quickly tire of it, so it’s important to make sure you’re using it for its intended purpose–as a fetch toy–in order to keep you pooches’ interest piqued.

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