Not So Special

Pom Pom and Casper get up around 9ish-10 a.m. to go for their first wee of the day with Dustin. If it’s one of the days when I’m unlucky enough to have to be at school at 9 a.m., the dogs will eat their breakfast and spend the rest of the workday with Dustin. If it’s one of my lucky sleep-in days, the dogs, especially Pom Pom, will fly up the stairs the second she gets back in from her morning walk, sans breakfast, jump into bed and back into cuddle mode.

Dustin gets really annoyed, because he mixes in soft food into Pom’s kibble and she won’t eat it till I’m awake and downstairs (which may be many hours later…). Lately, Casper’s been following Pom’s habits and neglecting his food for bed, too.

I used to think that the dogs just wanted to hang out with me – so much so that they forfeit their breakfast for a few more z’s with me. Apparently I was too full of myself, because the dogs go up to bed without any humans in the room. When Dustin’s working, the dogs will also go into the room on their own for some sleep. And today, Casper completely neglected me and Dustin in the living room for my sister (who’s visiting us for the week) on the air mattress in the guestroom.

Yes, apparently I am not as special to my doggies as I thought I was….

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