K9 Sommelier Tripping Out On That Fecal Matter


If there is a definitive statement to be made that encapsulates Beary White’s road trip to San Diego last weekend, it’s that he’s become affixed with farmland fumes and all it’s, err, “organic” compounds. He truly loves sticking his head out the window and getting a good whiff of that cow dung. In fact, I’d like to believe he’s developed into some sort of manure sommelier, taking in one gust at a time from city to city with his utterly disheveled hair.


Beary will actually paw the window quite frequently to take in all those fecal aromas that seem to drive his five senses sky high to cloud nine. And as the designated canine wafting expert , I can also tell you that he does not care much for SoCal’s breezy fresh ocean air.

Elk Grove: Excellent. Stockton: Excellent. Buttonwillow: Great. Los Angeles: Zzzzz. San Diego: Eh. Driving back up to Elk Grove, though, he couldn’t wait to get a “hit” of those pungent moo moo heaps alongside the I5. It’s strange, grotesque and fascinating all at the same time.

I remember once hearing a canine expert declare that dogs can determine lots of information purely from sniffing the #1s and the #2s of other dogs. What I would like to know is, what can Beary deduce from sniffing around 300 cows’ dung piles, traveling at 75 miles per hour? He must just be getting high off of this stuff! Crazy pup.

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