• Dog Of The Day: Gabe From Austin Humane Society!

    A big Busy Bee, that’s me, Gabe. I’m a young adult, handsome, healthy, with a nice white coat and spots, a very interesting combination of breeds. When people first meet me they may think I’m not that friendly, but really, I just have to get to know you. I’m checking you out, watching everything that’s going on around me.

    Once I make friends, we’re friends for good, in my heart. I’m a moderately active guy, eager to play and go out with you, and then curl up next to you after a busy, active day. Do you have a cat-free home? Then maybe I’m the perfect dog for you. Please come visit with me, Gabe.

    Check out austinhumanesociety.org for more info on Gabe!

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