Wine Club…For Dog Lovers!


Wine lovers rejoice!
You can now join a wine club completely devoted to our K9 friends! I came across the Dog Lovers Wine Club last Valentine’s Day and signed Dustin up. Now, we get two bottles of wine every other month from the Carivintas Winery, a philanthropic winery that donates to non-profit organziation. Each bottle features an artist’s rendition of a special doggie, accompanied by his or her story.

There are three different levels of membership: Bow-wow-wow Club, Lounging Pup club, and Laughing Pooch Club, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. And you can cancel anytime! Plus, when you sign up for the wine club you get to specify which doggie organization you want your money to support! Ours is the Best Friends Animal Society.

As for the taste of the wine, this non-drinker can’t personally attest to its deliciousness. Dustin, however, finished off his first two bottles within, oh, a day…I will assume it’s good wine.

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