Company to Sell Vitamin-Infused Dog Drinks

dogwater3.jpgNext time you’re out at the pet store getting dog food and a new chew toy, don’t forget to pick up another six-pack of doggie vitamin water.

Cott Corp., a company that has traditionally been the maker of private label sodas, is trying its hand at the pet industry for the first time by creating a line of vitamin-fortified drinks for dogs.
The company believes that in the same way healthier food and beverages are the trend for people, healthy beverages for pets is the next step.

Cott spent about 18 months on research and development with veterinarians and food scientists to come up with products designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

Some of the types of waters include one with zinc for healthy skin, one with spearmint for fresh breath, and even a peanut butter flavored water with calcium.

The water is currently available only in a handful of specialty stores and will soon be trying a more widespread national release. The company also plans to make the beverages available online.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

K9 Commentary:

Coming from someone who recently took his dog to the store to try on clothes (it was Cindy’s idea, I swear, but I was there–I’ll admit that), this is another example of the dog craze getting completely out of hand. This feels like nothing more than a blatant attempt to cash in on a trend.
I can just imagine this group of business execs sitting at a giant rectangular table, trying to brainstorm a way to get in on “doggie fever.”
“I’ve got it! Vitamin water–for dogs!”
“Great idea, Smith! We’re gonna add another window to your office for that one!”
I can’t imagine this trend catching on–it’s probably going to cost three bucks a bottle and the only people who will buy it are the ones who are already feeding their dogs premium dog food and who don’t even need the “nutritional benefits” of the water.
Gotta love the trends!

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