Pushups and Headbutts

muscle2.jpgIn my ongoing quest to “build a better Dustin,” I’ve decided to up my workout routine:

Three miles of running twice a week (one thing great about Eugene, Oregon: It has about 600,000 great running trails), and also pushups using this awesome gadget I bought called the Pushup Pro.

Last night, I was just cranking out the pushups–completely in a zone, man–when all the sudden, as I’m on the downward portion of a pushup, Casper comes out of nowhere and walks RIGHT under my face. The result: I get a nice eye, nose and mouth full of Casperness.

It’s not like I could be mad at Casper for nixing my mojo–I had to imagine it from his point of view:”Oh look! There’s that strange guy who walks on two legs who’s the same color as me! I’m gonna go say hi! OUCH! Why did he just headbutt me?!”

Big surprise, Casper left the room after that one. I started doing another set of pushups…then our cat Athena started rubbing up against my arm, purring.

Today’s big lesson: When doing pushups, shut the door, jackass.

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