Review: Planet Dog’s RecycleBONE


I always love looking around pet stores for new toys. It’s great to watch the dogs get really excited when you take it out of the bag and hand it over to them. They snatch it up and run off with it, then pay a whole lot of attention to it for the next five minutes. After that, the toy magically becomes old–and ends up in the pile with the rest of the toy has-beens.

In our ongoing quest to single-handedly keep the dog toy industry afloat, we recently bought an eco-friendly chew toy called the RecycleBONE. According to Planet Dog, the makers of this super hip-looking toy, the RecycleBONE is made entirely of material that would otherwise be thrown away. I’m not sure exactly WHAT kind of “material” they’re talking about, but it looks really neat in bone form.

From a human point-of-view, the best two features of this toy are its minty fresh smell (definitely a step up from the dog slobber smell chew toys usually have) and the Kong-like “treat holes” on each side of the toy.

These little holes came in handy right off the bat, because Casper lost interest in the bone after about–OK, well, he took the bone in his mouth, took two steps, dropped it and walked away.

However, after I put a little peanut butter in those handy treat holes, both the dogs were all about it.

-Smells minty fresh
-Its sleek and black, so it’ll go great with all of your furniture

-It costs 10 bucks, so unless your dog is an obsessive chewer, you’re basically buying
an overpriced Kong (wait, is that redundant?)


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