My Main Man Mischa

Here’s another one of my personal pleas for a doggie friend of mine named Mischa (Russian for Mike, by the way). He’s a cattle dog/Bernese Mountain Dog mix who’s been at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, Oregon for almost two months. Please help me spread the word about this great dog!

You can also check out a short video clip of him HERE.

Here’s his story:
Mischa had a rough start when he first came to Greenhill; after being transferred from another shelter where he was found as a stray, he came down with a bad bout of kennel cough. He spent his first days at Greenhill laying in his bed as the kennel staff nursed him back to health.

After recovering from kennel cough, Mischa became very overwhelmed with the barking of the other dogs in the kennel. He became very anxious–so much so that he couldn’t even enjoy a simple walk out in the field with one of the Greenhill volunteers. Every sight and sound just seemed to be too much for him.

The kennel staff found that Mischa’s amazing personally comes into full bloom when he spends his days in an outdoor yard, away from the noise of the other dogs!

Want an active dog to play ball with? Not only does Mischa play ball, he can jump and catch a ball in mid-air! He’s also great on a leash and would make an excellent hiking and camping buddy.

Looking for a dog that’ll cuddle with you? Mischa loves to rest his head on your lap and give gentle kisses on your face. After a good play session, he’ll usually flip over on his back and ask for a belly rub.

Quite possibly the best thing of all about Mischa: He absolutely loves kids! He is very gentle when playing with children and never jumps up on them. While many dogs quickly get overwhelmed with the energy and persistence of kids, Mischa just can’t seem to get enough!

Mischa would be a wonderful addition to an active family. He does OK with submissive female dogs, but would be happiest as the only dog at home. We don’t know how he does with cats, but the kennel staff can help you decide if he would be a good fit with your kitties.

With the cold and rainy winter months quickly approaching, the kennel staff is very anxious to help Mischa find his new home as soon as possible, since his time in the stress-free yards will have to be dramatically reduced.

Come out to Greenhill and meet this hidden gem today! Just tell the kennel staff you’d like to meet Mischa, and they’ll set you up with a one-on-one meeting!

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