Pom Pom’s Last Day at Work

Sadly, my time as Pet Boutique Employee has ended – my place of employment has closed.  This means, of course, that Pom Pom’s run as Store Greeter is at an end as well.  This was particularly sad to me, because Pom was SO great at her job, and she was SO HAPPY to do it!

Just to reminiscence (that’s just the mood I’m in), here’s what Pom Pom would do at work:

1. Door opens

2. Pom Pom walks up to people

3. People see Pom Pom, *gasp* at her cuteness

4. People kneel down to pet Pom Pom

5. Pom Pom obliges

6. People start to walk around store

7. Pom Pom follows them until they pet her again

8. Pom Pom rolls on her back for belly rubs

9. People oblige

10. Pom Pom happy, people happy, people buy things

When she wasn’t greeting, Pom would lay around the store, or on the counter next to me.   Here are pics from Pom Pom’s last day at work:

Pom Pom hanging out in her bag

Pom Pom on counter

It was a pretty nice gig for 13-year-old Pom Pom and her mom.  I’m convinced this job had a large part in keeping my senior doggie feeling young.  Thanks for a fun, dog-filled 2 years, LexiDog!

Bonus pic: Casper came by to join in the goodbye festivities:

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