Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shipping Your Dog Off To Grandma’s!

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Vacations are just so relaxing and fun, but what about Fido? Is he all cooped up in a tiny pet kennel, or feeling a little displaced at your sister’s house for the week? If you can’t bring your pooch on vacation with you, deciding what to do with your dog can be quite stressful – you want to make sure your dog will be happy and healthy while you’re enjoying the sun and ocean waves, and you want to have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in a safe, controlled environment.

All of us here at, creators of the dog-approved and delicious Dog Gift Baskets online, and always delectable Gourmet Gift Baskets, have grown up with dogs and know firsthand what it’s like to see those sad puppy eyes before leaving for vacation, and are here to offer up our experience on what to do with your dog while you’re relaxing in the sand!

These five questions can help put you on the path to deciding whether your dog is best spending time at Grandma’s, being checked on by an experienced pet sitter, or having her or his own vacation at a pet boarding resort!

1. How familiar is your family with your pet?

A. Very! You live close to many of your family members, Fido has spent time at their houses, and they’ve interacted with Fido many times at your house. They know his personality and get along well with him.

B. Your family has met Fido a few times, but have not had many chances to interact with him. Your family has had dogs growing up, though.

C. Mostly through photos. They’re more cat people than dog people, anyway 😉

2. What is your dog’s temperament like?

A. She’s a middle-aged dog, moderately active, and a very happy dog.

B. She’s getting up in age, but is still active and should be healthy for several more years, and is usually very calm and relaxed.

C. Quite perky! She’s only a few years old, so she’s a very active, happy dog, and loves to run around and well, sometimes nibble on the furniture.

3. What kind of dog owner are you?

A. I enjoy spending a great deal of time with my dog, taking him for walks and making sure he has tons of love and affection!

B. I work during the day, but do my best to spend as much time with my dog as possible once I’m home. He’s used to spending quite a bit of the day solo.

C. I’m always reading AvenueK9 to stay up on my latest dog tips and dog training info, and I’m interested in learning more! I feed my dog only the most healthy dog food and dog treats, and make sure my dog has regular exercise.

4. We know you’d do anything for your dog, but we have to ask! Which cost bracket could you see yourself spending on your dog while you’re away on vacation?

A. My budget’s pretty small. I’d say around $25 – $100 for the week.

B. Somewhere in the $150 – $400 range would be ideal.

C. If it’ll be helpful for my dog – $450 and up is fine by me!

5. Have you ever been away from your dog for this amount of time before?

A. Kind of. We go on vacation once a year usually, but we’re always so sad to leave her and see those sad eyes while we’re away!

B. Yep – we go on vacation or business trips a few times a year, and although we’d love to take her, we know she’ll be alright.

C. No, this will be the first major time we’ll be away from her. We’ve always taken her with us in the past, or just not gone at all!
Mostly A’s: Family and Friends are A-Okay! Judging by the docile, warm nature of your dog and how familiar your family and friends already are with your pooch, having your pet stay with a family member or close friend seems like a viable option. Just be sure they are truly familiar with what watching a dog entails, have specific food and treat instructions, and contact phone numbers for you. And of course, bring them a souvenir back!

Mostly B’s: Hire a Pet Sitter. Your dog is typically relaxed, but not that accustomed to being away from you for long periods of time, and isn’t that close with your family and friends. Since Fido is already used to you being at work during the day, having a pet sitter check on your pooch throughout the day may be just what he needs! Just be sure to check up on the pet sitter’s references to give you peace of mind knowing they’re experienced and qualified to care for your dog.

Mostly C’s: Give Fido His Own Vacation! Your dog requires quite a bit of your attention, and this will be one of the few times he or she is away from you. We suggest choosing a local pet boarding resort. Many pet boarders have large sleeping areas, swimming pools, doggy playgrounds, and tons of controlled running space! They also have expert dog trainers on staff, which is something you’re likely interested in for your pet. You’ll have a great time on vacation knowing that your pet is also enjoying his or her vacation, and under the care of experienced pet trainers. Be sure to ask for references and look up reviews of the pet resort online, too!

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