Guilty Nightmares

sad-casper.jpgI didn’t sleep well last night – not because I was crashing on my bro-in-law’s sofa, and not because it was our last night in San Diego – I had nightmares all night about the current state of Casper’s health.  To clarify, while Dustin and I were enjoying ourselves in the land of sunshine and blue skies, poor Casper was experiencing difficulties going “Number One.”

My mom had called to inform me that Casper was not having much luck weeing outside and randomly going inside the house.  Also, there was blood in his urine…not words any pet parent want to hear.  Seeing as how this happened late at night, he wasn’t going to make it to the vet until early morning.  Naturally, Dustin and I spent a good amount of time hypothesizing potential diagnoses and what situations might have led to Casper’s difficulties, but I think the unspoken message beneath our conversation was the extreme guilt we felt for being gone and having fun while our poor little boy was not doing so well.

I spent the night dreaming about the vet calling me to discuss Casper’s failing heart condition (don’t ask me why my unconscious mind linked troublesome wee wees to heart disease), and me despearately trying to get to Casper to give him his lifesaving meds.  Apparently Dustin stirred all night dreaming similar nightmares as well. 

I guess our guilt manifested itself in the form of nightmares.  Thankfully, the morning call I received was from my mom, not the vet, and compared to my nightmare, Casper fared pretty well (he’s currently on antibiotics and has pain meds), although we are now about $400 lighter in the wallet and have been told that our little dude must be placed on special prescription food for oh, the rest of his life. 

That’s another blog for another time….

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