cindyshopblog-002.jpgIf you read Dustin’s blog yesterday, then you probably saw that adorable green polo I bought for Casper. Actually, it was special ordered. Yes, my friends, I special order clothes, collars, and a list of other things for my babies.

Ever since I discovered Lexi Dog, I have been making weekly appearances and have come home with new material goods every time. Let’s see…in one month, Pom Pom has a new slick pink raincoat, a new pink Fox & Hound collar, and a pink argyle hoodie.

Casper has a new leather collar with blue doggie bone charms on it, a Tootsie roll squeaky chew toy, and of course, a lime green polo shirt.

cindyshopblog-001.jpgBoth doggies now own a doggie poop bag holder that attaches to their leashes, complete with cindyshopblog-004.jpgbiodegradable poop bags in a wild flower scent.

I keep telling Dustin that we need to buy baby clothes hangers so we can hang up their clothes; he keeps telling me we barely have closet space for his clothes (according to him, I have too much stuff…puh-lese).

I guess the only solution is to get another closet….

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