People in Doggie Frenzy Over the “Arizona 800”

arizona800.jpgThe 800 small dogs that were rescued last week from an Arizona home will have no trouble finding new homes–people, however, will have a much tougher time getting one of these dogs.

After the story of the dogs became widespread, people from all over the world began to inquire about the dogs–hundreds of people packed the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in hopes of getting a dog. Things began to get a little testy, however, resulting in some pushing and shoving broke out within the large group. Eventually, everyone was ordered out of the shelter and the facility closed for the day.

 The shelter received calls from as far as Germany and Australia. A shelter spokeswoman  said they’d like to give everyone a dog who wants one, but they simply do not have enough.

Interested people were each given a number and groups of 100 returned to the shelter each day.

 Source: The Associated Press

K9 Commentary:

I have to admit, I was really mad after I read this story. I understand this was a very heartbreaking story and 800 small dogs were rescued from a horrible situation, but to have people from all over the WORLD calling to want to adopt one of the dogs–for pushing and shoving to break out at the shelter like people were in line for a hard-to-find toy during Christmas season–let’s get a grip, people. There are SO many dogs that are waiting to be adopted in local shelters. What about them?

I suppose it’s easy to lose sight of that when you read a story like this, but seriously. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and come to your senses. Calling about the dogs and asking if they have been adopted out of concern is one thing, but calling from across the country and saying “I HAVE to have one of those dogs!” Yeah, that’s something else.

I hope that those who did not get one of these dogs will consider going to their local shelter and adopting. Then again, anyone who pushes and shoves to try and get a dog probably shouldn’t be adopting an animal in the first place.

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