Review: Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff SPORT Soccer Ball

I love watching dogs play with a toy they truly love. It makes me want to quit my job, sit in the back yard, and squeal and clap while they play the day away.

“Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Soccer Ball is a pretty darn cool toy,” is what I’m pretty sure my friend Willow would say if I’d shut up and let her talk for once.

Willow, who is currently up for adoption at Greenhill Humane Society, batted this ball around the yard like she was in the thick of the action at the World Cup:

Good stuff.

There’s no question this toy is extremely durable (Willow is a BIG chewer, but the ball wasn’t fazed one bit). The one issue I have is the size of the ball: While Willow is not exactly huge at around 45 lbs, it would be tough for even bigger dogs to be able to hold the ball in their mouths. Willow loves to carry balls around in her mouth, and she was definitely frustrated that she couldn’t carry this ball back with her to her kennel (no worries, I carried it for her…with my hands).

Pros: Non-toxic, very easy to clean. Very durable (Planet Dog will replace the toy free of charge if your dog destroys it…this is a LIFETIME guarantee!)

Cons: Cost (around $17). Awkward size for the average dog.

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