The Poops of Wrath


Yesterday, while Cindy and I were out picking up a new polo shirt for Casper (shut up),  Pom Pom decided to give us the gift of poop on the ground upon our return. Pom is perfectly housetrained, but just REALLY gets mad when we leave sometimes.

Most of the time, like 99.9% of the time, she’s totally fine and is just happy to see us when we’re back–but when that 0.1% rears its ugly head, well, it’s just ugly.

I cleaned up the little poop pebbles from the ground (definitely one of the times I’m grateful to not have a giant dog–know what I mean?), and Pom played her usual, innocent role of “Oh I’m SO glad you’re home!”pompoopblog-001.jpg

Except I know whenever I see poop on the ground, she means “Oh I’m SO glad you’re home–and you better not leave for the REST of the day! 

At least Casper got his new polo shirt…

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