Pom Pom’s New Groomer

Since losing her (and our!) beloved groomer over 2 years ago, Pom Pom’s trips to a different groomer have been iffy….  While the trips are short (only about 2 hours total for both her and Casper), she had been returning with itchy skin, tense body, and extremely sensitive to the touch.

With a new groomer comfortably settled into my place of work, Pom is back to her grooming-while-Mommy’s-working schedule, in a place where she is very much at ease (LexiDog, a.k.a., Pom Pom’s store).

She got her first Heather groom today.  Immediately after her groom, Pom went right back to work as the Store Greeter, and made multiple trips back to Heather’s groom shop at the back of the store (I’m going to take that as a good sign that she’s not traumatized…).  Now, 12 hours later, she is comfortably sleeping on a bed and has yet to show signs of itchiness or yelping.

When there’s a happy Pom, there’s a happy Cindy. Oh yeah, did I mention how good she smells?  That makes the whole house happy.

Crashed out Pom Pom post-groom

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