Do you ever feel like there are too many cute pet moments that take place when you don’t have your camera around? Well, that’s how I feel most of the time. Too many times a day, I see Pom or Casper or the kitties do something too adorable beyond words, and I wish I had a camera or camcorder attached to my hip.

On occassions I actually do have a camera, I just go nuts with pictures. Poor Pom Pom has actually learned to look away from the pre-flash, because she knows the bright flash is going to go off soon (resulting in very few head-on shots of our little girl, unfortunately).

Of course, I must also acknowledge a poor Dustin, who has often been asked to drop whatever he’s doing at a given moment to bring me my camera. Just to be fair, we are both guilty of being pet papparazzi — Dustin is famous for his myriad of cameraphone photos, which are often sent via picture text message to 887_0013-copy.jpgvarious family members. As for me, you will be able to view more pictures of my babies on my Myspace and Facebook profiles than you will of me…I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at cute little furries of fun over a boring self-taken portrait? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I quite enjoy being a pet papprazo, and I’m glad that I have a fancy flash on my Sidekick so I can still document special doggie moments at night when I’m too lazy to get off my booty to fetch my camera…obviously I would not make a good Hollywood papprazo.

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