And Where Would You Like Your Bowl Today, Good Sir?


I like Casper’s quirks. They keep me amused day after day. I love how he gets so excited when Cindy and I come home, he grabs the nearest toy in his mouth and runs around in circles with it. It’s also funny how he always has to get rid of his excess energy before bed by running in circles like a cheetah chasing its dinner.

I think one of this oddest quirks takes place during feeding time. When it’s time to eat and I’m getting the food bowls ready for all the animals, Pom and the cats are eagerly awaiting that moment when those bowls are filled and ready to go. Most of the time, Casper hangs back and has this look on his face like he’s not allowed to eat.

When I put his bowl down and call him over, he won’t come over to it. Sometimes, when I turn my back, he’ll eventually start eating. But sometimes, he won’t eat when my back is turned. Hence, the whole “quirk” thing.

Lately I’ve been bringing his bowl out to him and away from the other animals. That worked for awhile. But now he’ll just walk away from it when I put it down.

I know he likes his food, because I’ll take some out of his bowl and he’ll eat every piece and lick every crumb from my hand. Yep, I hand-feed my dog. You got a problem with that?

Today, I decided that the hand-feeding thing was probably not a good habit to get either of us into. So I just put his bowl back with the rest. He just waits til the other animals are done, then he’ll secretly go to his bowl and chomp away.

Still holding out hope that one of his quirks involves cleaning dishes. I’ll put a stool by the sink for a week and see what happens.

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