Carefree K9 Reading


Thanks to e-mail, Avenue K9, MySpace, Google, CNN, Snapfish, etc., etc., I’ve become quite addicted to the Web. And now I’m increasingly interested in all things K9. Here are a few links for a good online romp:

If you’ve seen the Cesar dog, you’ll recognize why this site is mentioned first. The TV and print ads feature an adorable little westie who is so perfectly fluffy, she looks like a stuffed bear. I think Beary’s ears are two, or maybe three, times larger than her ears. has fun things to explore, such as tips on how to throw a divine doggie dinner party, a plush-to-practical gift guide, and of course, fine dining reviews about Cesar cuisine.

The Daily Puppy
It’s layed out like a newspaper with a new puppy picture every day. The dogs are so cute, and how can they not be — they’re puppies!

Flickr is a fun place to type in a dog breed (i.e. westie) and see what comes up. I found a ton of fun photos of westies from around the world.

Celebrity Dog Watcher
Celebrities love dogs too. From Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry to Orlando Bloom and Adam Sandler, there lots of pups to see! I wonder if these dogs eat gourmet meals every night. I’m sure they’re just spoiled as Mr. Bear.

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