Authorities Seize 800 Dogs From Arizona Home


Nearly 800 small dogs were removed from a Tucson, Ariz. mobile home by local law enforcement and animal welfare officials earlier this week.

Some of the breeds found in the house include Pomeranians, terriers, Chihuahuas and Chinese cresteds. Although the house was filled with urine and feces, the dogs were generally in good health. A few of the dogs were in the middle of giving birth as officials were removing the animals from the house.

Officials say the owners of the dogs –an elderly couple–were attempting to breed and sell the dogs, but became overwhelmed.

Authorities first learned of the hoarding case by a woman who had purchased a Chihuahua from the couple and saw the conditions in which the dogs were living.

The dogs have been divided among several local shelters and rescue groups and will soon be available for adoption.

Source: The Associated Press

K9 Commentary:

Eight-hundred dogs? I have FOUR animals and I’m overwhelmed. How two people in a mobile home could possibly attempt to care for such a large amount of animals is just more than my brain can process.

Animal hoarding is one of those things people do that I’ll never understand. I assume most hoarders believe that nobody will be able to take care of animals as well as they do, but when the animals start to suffer and these people don’t notice–well, that’s the part I just don’t get.

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