The Return of Pom’s Poop-Holdout

I try to give the dogs a decent walk every morning before heading out to work. Sometimes, if I’m running late, the walk is majorly abbreviated–as in pee, poop, and back inside we go.

Long ago, Pom Pom developed a strategy for prolonging our walks; she won’t poop right away. Recently, she’s apparently decided our walks haven’t been long enough, so the holdout technique has returned.

Today, we played a classic game of “Chicken:”

She hadn’t pooped, and I was running late, so I had no choice but to start bringing the dogs back inside.

Pom Pom, who’s no dumb-dumb, realized that this would be her last chance to poop for a few hours quickly ran to a patch of grass by the front door and pooped away.

Sorry Pom. I owe you a walk along the river this weekend.

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