Cali’s Houseguest:Part 2

bavu_cali.jpgSo Cali, Feebs and I haven’t posted in awhile and we apologize for that. Our houseguest took a little more out of us than we thought.

In our last post, we introduced Bavu and Cali for the first time and since it went so well, this last week we took Bavu in for a week while his mom was out of town.

Overall the week went very well, but it was quite exhausting trying to keep tabs on two dogs in our small apartment, especially when one of those dogs was new to all of us. Bavu was the dominate dog in his and Cali’s first meeting, but Cali must have got a shot of confidence from the meeting, because she took control bigtime as soon as Bavu came back.

Cali was attached to Bavu’s hip, with a watchful eye, the entire week. We kept all the toys away from both dogs, except one bone each, to help cut down on any sharing problems. We also fed both at the same time, but in separate rooms. Bavu gets crated during the day, so we had his crate in a separate room while we were at work. Sleeping arrangements made for a long first night, but Bavu found a favorite spot on one of our couches and we had no problems after that.

I think the funniest part of the whole week was us walking the dogs–especially when it was only one of us with the two pups. I had never walked two large dogs together before, and I have to say it takes a great amount of flexibility, coordination, and strength. I had my arms, legs and fingers twisted in ways that I never thought possible, and my neighbors had a few good laughs for sure.

All in all it was a great, but long week. I’m glad it’s over and I’m really glad we only have one dog.

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