Jumpy, Twitchy, Restless


“How was your day at work, dear?”

“Oh, you know, the usual.  Fed the dogs. Walked the dogs. Played with the dogs. Oh yeah, and I got a real swell 30 minutes of uninterrupted work done!”

That’s more or less what an average day of work is for me–most days I don’t mind the “dog breaks,” since it helps break up the monotony of the day.

There are those days, like, oh TODAY for instance, when the gruesome twosome desire a little more attention than usual. The day started out like every other: The dogs were just crashed out in the office with me.

000_0146.jpgAround lunchtime, after their second walk, they turned on me–instead of settling back down after eating, they opted for some good ‘ol-fashioned doggie mutiny.  Every time I got up from my chair, picked something up, scratched my head–any motor-skill activity–the dogs perked up and headed for the office door with tails wagging and mouths in full pant-mode.

In other words: “Dude, we’re sick of this place. Let’s go downstairs where the food and toys are.”

000_0147.jpgThe closer I walk to the door, the closer to the stairs they get. When one foot actually steps outside the office, they are in a full sprint to the living room.

I’ll try to ignore the furry gang-up as long as possible, but become fully “mutinized” after a good solid hour or so. 

I’ll admit, Pom and Casper have me very well-trained. Maybe someday they can “show” me in the first-ever Westminster Human Show.    

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