Pom’s Grouchy Weekend


As soon as Cindy and I woke up on Saturday morning, we decided it was gonna be a “lazy” weekend. The dogs love these kinds of days–ones where we just stay home all day, lounging around–I usually end up taking them outside about 100 times or so, and they get to pass out on our laps on the couch.

As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to Cindy, Pom Pom is really possessive. If any of the other animals try to lay on her and Pom’s not in the mood, she’ll make it well-known to everyone in the room, humans and animals alike.

Usually, she’ll just get up from wherever she’s laying and sort of push her way to the front of Cindy. The other animals will usually back down from her and will settle at Cindy’s legs or other Pom-approved piece of real estate.

I’m not sure if Pom’s mad that I’ve been mixing in less soft food with her kibble or what, but instead of the usual push of the animals, she was full-on growling! Poor Beau, our gentle giant of a cat, got a little nip from Pom! I’ve never seen her do anything like that to him in almost two years of them living together.

So I give Pom a good stern “NO” and she just looks at me–I swear this–exactly like a kid who talks back to their parents. Instead of the normal little “I’m sorry” lower of the head  she usually does, she just turned her back to me and layed down by Cindy’s feet.

Talk about NO respect for Dustin. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one…until she DID IT AGAIN to Beau about an hour later.

I banned her from the couch for the rest of the night after that one. Not cool, man.

There was no nipping on Sunday–a few little “Out of my way” growls from her, but I’ll just chalk that up to pouting for now.

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