Casper speaks to us — yes, he does. His “speech” comes in the form of whimpers.

Sure, this comes in handy when he needs to use the restroom. However, CasperSpeak manifests itself in just about any possible situation: When he’s hungry, when he’s scared, when he’s bored…basically, anytime he wants something. Can you imagine how often we hear his whimpering?!?!

Not that I don’t think Casper’s ability to verbally communicate with us isn’t the cutest thing on Earth — it’s just that it can really stress me out sometimes!

Take my naps for example: If Casper starts whimpering, I’ll hear it in my sleepy stupor and try to wake myself up for fear that he needs to go outside (my one greatest worries with the animals — just ask Dustin).

If I’m doing my homework or on my laptop, Casper will look up at me and start whimpering, probably because he’s bored and wants me to play with him, and thus successfully instilling feelings of guilt in me for not being able to play with him. He will even whimper at the cats when they’re playing, almost as if telling them to stop playing so rough!

Let’s just say that Casper’s adorable language leaves me wondering what he’s telling me just about every minute of the day, which unfortunately also leaves me with the stress of needing to interpret his speech.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could “learn” Whimpering?

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