Guilt-Free Driving? Bring Along The Pooches

Cindy and I made the 2+ hour drive to the Portland Airport to pick up her sister, who’s in town for a mini-vacation (Eugene, Oregon: The ultimate getaway destination).

When we got back, I was trying to figure out why the 5 total hours of time on the road felt like a breeze…

Bingo. It’s because we brought the furballs with us. Usually when we make the Portland trip, Cindy and I spend about half the time wondering how the dogs are doing (if this sounds strange to you, this is not the website for you…go ahead, run along now).

Just seeing them plopped in the back seat of the car is great peace of mind. Knowing they’re not pooping all over the house–not that they ever do, just sayin’–also great peace of mind.

The one down side? Nobody’s there to give us that overly enthusiastic welcome home we’re used to…the cats really need to step up their game.

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