Man Sues For $1 Million After Dog Poop Slip

Talk about a big, steaming pile of…

A guy stepped in dog poop at a Virginia PetSmart–and is now suing the store for $1 million.

Robert Holloway, the stepper-inner of said poop, claims he went to the store in January 2009 to pick up some bird seed and dog food when he slipped on a pile of dog poop and fell. He said he badly injured his back, struck his head and knocked out four teeth.

Holloway’s attorney said his client couldn’t see the poop because it blended in with the floor, and when he stepped in it, his body twisted violently and he smacked his head.

Holloway, who was 69 at the time, had to have back surgery. His attorney admits he had a pre-existing back problem but claims the fall made it worse.

PetSmart denies any negligence, but admits that pet accidents are an everyday occurance because leashed pets are welcome visitors in the store–Petsmart pointed out that employees are trained to clean up pet messes and customers are encouraged to clean up after their pets as well.

Every store has a clearly marked station full of cleaning supplies.

And that clinches our quota of at least one mention of dog poop per week here on AvenueK9.

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