The Long-Awaited Grooms Have Arrived!

With our busy schedules and spring break trip back to Cali last month, we’ve surpassed Pom Pom and Casper’s usual 8-week repertoire for grooming and have now gone into 12+ weeks since their last grooming appointments.

Even worse, I usually do a mid-groom bath of my own for the little ones, and have severely neglected this duty in the past few months.  Instead, I’ve had to do some major potty-cleanups near the bum region, especially on those rainy winter days.  Our poor dogs have had to endure some emergency trimmings of poo-soaked bum hair (Pom Pom), and even a hose-down of the bum by Grandma (Casper).

The worst part for me isn’t the extra cleaning, nor the brushing out of mats in their long hair -  I absolutely hate the little gremlin feet that they develop after they haven’t gotten a haircut in a while.  It’s just so unsightly!  Reminds me of the Grinch, honestly.

Thank GOODNESS it’ll all be gone tomorrow, and the cute little paws of my cute little dogs will finally return!

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