Being a dog is awesome: You get to poop outside, bark at people you don’t like (not quite the same effect when drunk humans try it), and eat goodies off the ground. 

That whole “eat goodies off the ground” thing pretty much applies to any solid matter that happens to be within snout’s reach.  You know, treats that aren’t exactly SUPPOSED to be treats.

Pom and Casper’s snacks of choice? Cat litter (Pom) and cat poop (Casper).

I feel I should explain: Beau and Athena, our two cats, use their litter box religiously, just like any two cats should. Pom and Casper will occasionally stalk the box–Pom likes it when the cats kick up litter–she’ll lick up any loose litter she sees from the ground (don’t worry, the litter we buy is made from corn and safe to digest–still gross, but it’s safe). 

Casper would rather dig head-first into the litter in search of the big prize…Man, the first time I saw that little poop tootsie roll in his mouth, I just froze. He was SO proud of his find! Just started trotting off with it–I swear he was humming a tune when he walked by.

So of course I had to tell him “no” and he dropped the poop. He now knows he’s not supposed to be poking around in there, but he’ll still do it when we’re not around. I’ll know he’s been in the box whenever I see litter on his nose.We asked our vet about Pom and Casper’s dirty little habits, and apparently when it comes to cat poop, dogs just think it’s candy!

Word of caution: If your dog is ever about to lick your face, ask yourself: “Do I know where that mouth has been?” 

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