Taking Poop Pickup To A New (Impossible) Level

Oh man…I love those moments when I hear a story and go “This one’s gonna be great for AveK9…”

Sandy, my mother-in-law, always takes her dog Yoshi out for early morning walks–when Cindy and I are in town visiting with the dogs, she’ll take Casper along, since he’s usually not too keen on waiting for his humans to finish sleeping in before he gets his first walk.

So basically, at some point during the walk, the very independent Yoshi decided he wanted to go pee on a very specific area of grass in front of one of the houses in the neighborhood.

As Yoshi began walking toward his chosen pee-spot, clunky Casper rumbled over to that same patch of grass and took a big ‘ol dump.

As Sandy is getting her bag ready for poop pickup, she looks up and sees a woman staring at her from the top floor of her two-story house. She then hears the woman scream something to someone inside the house.

A few seconds later, a man opens the front door and stares at Sandy…he doesn’t say anything at first, just stares and smiles.

Then, as Sandy is picking up the poop, he says, “Make sure you pick up ALL the poop!”

“And the pee!”

Sandy politely smiles and says OK…’cause what else do you say when someone asks you to pick up pee from their lawn?

I really hoped she picked up ALL the pee, because there’s nothing worse than when someone forgets to pick up their dog’s pee.

Man, was this guy just being a sarcastic punk, or does he really think dog urine is something that can be picked up and put in an old plastic grocery bag…

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