Crazy Schedule Cutting Into My Dog Craziness!

It’s been an insane school year so far, and let me tell you, Spring Break couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m telling you, 8-10 hours of straight studying multiple times a week, crazy papers and presentations, even a trip to Philadelphia for a conference.

I’ve been so busy lately, sometimes I go to bed, look down and see Pom Pom in her bed, only to realize it is the first time I’d taken notice of her. Horrible, right? Don’t worry, I still took them on walks, fed them, etc., I was just so mentally preoccupied with other things I’d just go through the motion.

Poor babies, it’s not fair for any of them.

So, the start of Spring Break has got me pumped and ready to be a furry parent again. So far, this has included sitting mindlessly on the couch surrounded by animals, letting the dogs lick my hands as much as they’d like, and lots of treating just for being cute.

The start of Monday brings with it pet chores, including calling to complain at pet insurance people, Pom Pom acupuncture, and grooming appointments. I don’t even mind though – I’m so happy to be doing pet-related work again!

I did save something quite fun though – Pom’s new peach jumpsuit (bought in Philly) will be making it’s first appearance tomorrow! Pics to follow.

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