Big Zzz’s, Fetch the Ball, La-Z-Boy and The Great Outdoors

sleeping with the dogs

Works been pretty hectic for me this week, so my apologies for the light posting. I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics from the last four days instead and have them do all the talking. The picture above is of Shannon, Beary and Ms. Molly Mayo, Shannon’s mom’s prissy bichon frise. They look exhausted, no?

the infamous tennis ball

Beary doesn’t always play fetch the tennis ball, but in this picture he’s staring it down and about to pounce on it… quite the ferocious puppy we have. DON’T MESS WITH THE BEAR!

at the park

He’s happiest when he’s at the park just running around. I love it!

chillin on the couch

This is Beary’s favorite pastime during the day… chillin on the La-Z-Boy couch and otherwise being totally photogenic. Good times. I wish I could do this all day, too, ha! Well, hope you enjoyed these pics =)

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