Modeling Behaviors


Pom has this funny habit of digging really hard in blankets before settling down in a nice mound of softness. She does this every night before getting into her little brown doggie bed – where she only stays for maybe 10 minutes before getting onto our bed.

Dustin and I have noticed that this digging behavior is being exhibited by our close-to-20-pounds cat Beau. From 6 weeks old to over a year, Beau was the only other animal around Pom. And after he learned that she was not the “cuddling with other furry friends” type, he settled for just watching her every move.

Since Pom sleeps on our bed, Beau has taken over her doggie bed. Starting at just a few months old, we noticed he would dig in it before laying down, à la Pom style. It was hilarious, because his body movements and positions exactly mimicked Pom Pom to a T…they looked identical. You just don’t get to see a cat behave like a dog every day!

At almost 2 years old, Beau still does this doggie digging action before getting into bed. He also rolls onto his back for belly rubs and chases Casper around to play.

 I think if Beau could speak, he would identify himself as a dog. Shoot, he weighs enough!

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