Review: Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats

I knew this particular dog treat was a cut above the rest when I was taking this picture for this review–I pulled a few of the treats out of the box for the picture, snapped the pic, and went about my business. Then I realized Casper was lurking behind me in full beg-mode. Somehow the smell of these things instantly traveled from my office to the living room.

Some reviews write themselves.

These all-natural treats were obviously a hit with Casper, but the fact that Pom Pom loves ’em too is truly high praise; normally, she’s anti-biscuit when it comes to treats. I just break them up into small pieces for her and she eats up every crumb.

The one sorta kinda strange thing I noticed: After the first two days of giving these treats to Casper, I noticed he was REALLY gassy at night. His bed is on the floor right next to my side of the bed–his butt is inches from my nose.

I’ll stop there.

Initial gas phase aside, these treats seem to be quite tasty to the pooches, and they’re fairly cheap (5 bucks for a 20 oz box). You can get them at most of the big chain pet stores.

Check them out…but keep the doggie butt away for a couple days after feeding.


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