Review: Rawhide Delicacies


From Rawhide is a hide or animal skin that has not been exposed to tanning and thus is much lighter in color than treated animal hides (leather).

I know exactly what you’re thinking… “That sounds sooooo good. I want some.”Ha. And your dog would probably have to agree with you on that.  Almost every dog owner I know knows that the rawhide is the Holy Grail of dog treats. They last forever (if you have a terrier) and they keep your furry friend preoccupied for a good time, while you’re off to doing more humanly things like vacuuming your home or checking snail mail. What I have discovered, though, is that there seem to be different tiers of rawhide. I’d have to say, being the novice dog owner I am, that I started off on the bottom — the plain white rawhides. Then, my sister mailed me a bag of Milk-Bone Dingos, which were special bacon-wrapped rawhide sticks. Beary’s thoughts … “Delicious!” After I ran out of them, which took about two or three months, I couldn’t find them anywhere. But I did find an even better replacement –rawhide chew bones with meat! A-ha! Beary’s thoughts … “Delightful. Just exquisite. Now can have the rest of the bag?” So when in doubt, grab a bag of rawhide bones (with meat, if you can) and your dog will love you for it.

Pros: Cheap at around five bucks for a week’s worth of treats (check your local grocery store’s pet section), good, gets the job done

Cons: I’ve read about some rawhide treats staining light carpets, so do read the back label of whatever treat you’re buying if you’re concerned about your carpet.


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