Teeth, Money Simultaneously Extracted

136_2729Here are the souvenirs from Pom Pom’s recent dental. Yep, the vet had to extract a bunch of bad teeth.

We didn’t ask to have the teeth or anything–I’m pretty sure they gave us the teeth as justification for charging us more than $900. I know, we couldn’t believe it either. A $300-ish dental is what we were quoted before surgery. They said that amount would be higher if teeth needed to be extracted.

What we DIDN’T know was that, when the vet has to spend extra time removing teeth, they charge for that extra time–PER MINUTE . Hence, the $900 bill.

Lessons to learn here: A) Make sure to ask how much your vet charges for extractions BEFORE surgery. B) Get pet insurance just in case crap like this happens to you. Luckily, we have pet insurance, so hopefully they’ll cover most of the bank account damage.

Not really sure what to do with those souvenir Pom Pom teeth. Maybe we’ll make them into a collar to make Pom look like a badass that hunts for her own food.

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