Home With The Dogs, But Feelin’ Guilty All Day


I’m very lucky to get to work from home. It’s one of the reasons we’re able to have all these animals–especially the two dogs. I can’t imagine leaving them alone for 8+ hours every day–more than anything, I’d feel really guilty for leaving them alone with nothing to do!

Today, while I was working, I noticed how bored Pom and Casper seemed WITH me home! I hate that I can’t really play with them or take them on long walks during the workday. I try to dedicate a few minutes throughout the day to petting them or playing with them–and of course I take them on regular pee breaks throughout the day. But still, they just seem SO bored!

They just lay there in the office, on the floor, look up at me every once in awhile, and sigh. Their little tactic is just so amazingly effective, too. So, I’ve decided that one day soon, I’m gonna make it up to these two guys.

Here’s the plan: I’ll make a ton of money and will buy a house that sits on 10 acres of land. I will build the biggest, more secure fence money can buy–and I’ll build it with my BARE HANDS! I watch HGTV every night–I could seriously do it!

Once that fence is built, I will let Pom and Casper frolic around those 10 acres of plush grass until they are all frolicked out. I’ll be running behind them, smiling and running–all in slow-motion, of course. Then they’d both pass out from happy exhaustion.

So that’s the plan. I don’t think they’re completely sold on the idea yet, but they’ll see. Like I keep telling them, the more I work, the sooner we’ll get to see those greener pastures.

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