Review: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

cats,dogsI find books about dogs that contain clever zingers and cute/funny/unique pictures to be extremely entertaining–which makes writing reviews for these types of books a great excuse to spend way too much time at Barnes and Noble.

A book with the title Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats may instantly poof up the fur of any feline lover, but anyone who understands the many quirks of both canines AND kitties will appreciate the humor and honestly of author Bradley Trevor Greive:

The concept of family is vitally important to a dog. A dog will live anywhere and endure anything if it means the whole family is safe, happy, and stays together.

Cats, on the other hand, focus  on comfort. Sure, they can be social enough when it suits them, though when that will be is generally hard to say.

As the owner of both cats and dogs, I can easily say that both of these little tidbits are true. Of course, my dogs’ need to literally stay together at all times often warrants a restraining order, and I quite love that my cats are content with just being in the same room as me.

Greive’s book would make a great addition to any pet lover’s coffee table–the quick wit and gorgeous pictures by Rachael Hale make it an instant conversation-starter when company comes over…just remember to tell all the cat-lovers in your life not too take all the kitty disses TOO seriously.

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