Pom Pom’s Possession


For two years, Dustin and I had Pom Pom and no one else. Naturally, this little girl got spoiled rotten with attention. When Dustin brought up the idea of getting a cat the first time, I was absolutely opposed to it; I truly believed that Pom was meant to be an only child.

Of course, as soon as he sent me a picture of  6-week old kitten Beau and I caved. Initially, Pom was not very happy – she would growl whenever Beau got too close to her, and she would be extremely unhappy when Beau curled up on my lap or layed down near me.

Eventually, she learned to compromise and allowed Beau to “share” me…as long as I paid a teeny bit more attention to her than I did Beau. A couple of years later (and an additional dog and cat later), Pom Pom is as possessive of me as ever.

If I’m paying attention to another one of the kids, she will appear out of nowhere. She’s even possessive of me when I’m doing work! For example, she’ll “accidentally” sit on my books and papers when I’m studying. I’ve had to learn to compromise as well…if I’m petting one kid, I’ve got to always make sure that I’m holding Pom in my other arm! I swear, I’m not Pom Pom’s owner–she owns ME!

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