Review: Don’t Dump The Dog

dontdumpdogWhy You Should Read This Book: If you’ve ever considered surrendering your dog, this book will straighten you right out. Dog-rescuer extraordinaire Randy Grim shares letters/phone messages of people who want to return dogs they’d once adopted from his organization…the reasons these people are looking to ditch their pooch are annoying and frustrating beyond belief. Grim manages to make each and every story hilarious, while also providing some great solutions to solving dog behavior issues.

If I could change one thing: Grim seems to get a little lost in some of his joke-telling in the early stages of the book, leading the reader to sometimes forget what the heck the chapter was supposed to be about. However, the story telling, useful information, as well as Grim’s writing, improve as the book progresses.

I’ll never forget: In one chapter, Grim tells the story of a couple who wanted to return a dog they’d adopted from him years ago because the dog was getting too old–the dog was perfect in every way…just getting old. They also wanted to know if Grim had any puppies available. Grim’s reaction and response to this encounter alone make the this book worth buying.

Randy Grim is one-of-a-kind. I highly recommend this book.


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