Foreclosure Crisis Leads to More Abandoned Animals

The rash of home foreclosures across the United States has left more than just people without a home. Homeowners scrambling to vacate their property are leaving their pets behind–in some cases, these abandoned animals are unable to fend for themselves and are unable to survive.

According to a recent Associated Press article, dogs have been found tied to trees in back yards or trapped inside abandoned houses. In addition to dogs, cats, rabbits and even turtles and lizards have been found.

Already-crowded animal shelters have become inundated with these animals. However, the Humane Society is still urging these pet owners to bring their animals to the shelter, rather than simply leaving them behind in conditions where they may suffer and starve to death.

The AP article also said that while abandoning animals is illegal in most states, the laws are rarely enforced.

K9 Commentary:

While I understand many homeowners are put in a tough situation when they are foreclosed upon, I simply cannot wrap my brain around why anyone would leave their family pets behind–worse yet, how people would leave their dogs tied up in their backyard or trapped inside the house. Why would ANYONE leave an animal to suffer like that, and not simply take them to a shelter, where they would at least have a CHANCE to be adopted? There is absolutely no good excuse to not make every attempt possible to put your pet in the best situation if they cannot be taken along with you.

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