Prancing at the Park            

Beary at the Park

This morning we walked to Starbucks with Beary in tow. He did pretty well, stopping to “water” several plants along the way and sniffing every leaf, pole and paper that crossed his path. Two people at Starbucks said “cute dog,” which Mike and I gush and said thanks as if we had something to do with his cuteness. After we fill up on coffee (me) and a caramel macchiato (Mike), we stop at Beary’s favorite trot spot, a park with grassy terrain the size of a football field. We throw off our sweatshirts and run the length of the park with Beary right at our heals. I’m amazed at Beary’s speed – he could certainly take on Steve Prefontaine any day.

Beary on the Slide

Inspired by the jungle gym, I run to the monkey bars and realize I’m too tall. Beary follows behind dirtying his freshly-washed fur. Mike plops Bear on my lap and we glide down the slide. Beary seems indifferent about this new adventure, certainly not chomping to do it again. After a few more jogs around the park, we head back home. Beary meets an 8-year-old toy poodle who is almost as cute as him. They sniff, prance, dance and then we part ways. Now we’re back at home and Beary is tired, sun bathing by the back door. Ahh, I love Saturdays.


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