Top Ten Dog Halloween Safety Tips

dogpirate1. Don’t force your dog to wear a costume if he doesn’t want to. Halloween is supposed to be fun for everyone and you don’t want your dog to be miserable. There are other ways he can enjoy the festivities.

2. Think about your dog’s energy level. If your dog is a bit hyperactive, chances are he’ll shake off a costume that has several parts. You may be better off buying your dog a simpler costume with fewer pieces.

3. Make sure the costume is the right size. If the costume is too big, your dog can trip over it and injure himself.

4. Make sure the costume doesn’t have any pieces your dog can bite off and potentially choke on.

5. Make sure the costume easily allows your dog to use the bathroom – Your dog’s costumer shouldn’t fully cover his bottom half.

6. Make sure the costume is high quality. Cheap costumes are more likely to fall off or rip which can cause injury.

7. Let your dog try on the costume ahead of time so he can get used to it.

8. Keep your dog away from fire, candles and cigarettes.

9. Keep your dog away from candy on the floor and tables – If your dog eats candy that is left lying around the house, it could make him sick.

10. Keep candy wrappers away from your dog – Dogs often like to eat candy wrapper because of the candy smell, but they can cause your dog to choke.


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