Yummy Human Food!                              


Keeping with the treat and cheap toy themes of our last two posts, we thought we’d write about some of Cali’s other favorite treats: Human food! The good thing about giving dogs some of our stuff is it’s usually just leftovers, and pretty low cost (at least better than the $14.99 FURminator treats cost per package!).

Her all time favorite is also Felicia’s favorite food: Cheese! We usually get a few extra slices of white american and Cali drools and drools over the stuff. Some other favorites include peanut butter, cucumbers, hot dogs, bread (we usually give her the ends of the loaf), ice cubes, ice cream, corn, rice, ground beef and of course steak.

We’ve found that a mix of white rice and a little plain, cooked, ground beef mixed in with their regular dry food is a great way to help an upset dog tummy. Also for a special treat, we’ve been known to pour some chicken broth or gravy over her dry food–she goes crazy for that.

Definitely beware of giving dogs all human foods though–our vet kindly reminded us of some of the worst human foods for dogs, such as grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate, and of course any thing too spicy. Now, my old dog Sparky used to love chocolate (he stole my birthday cake off the counter two years in a row!) and he hardly ever got sick after eating it, so maybe each dog’s unique, but just make sure to ask your vet before giving them anything too crazy.

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