Separation Anxiety For HUMANS

Dustin and I are back in Sacramento for Mike and Shannon’s wedding for the weekend (congrats, Mike and Shannon!).  We’re always excited to be here, but with our work and school schedules, we weren’t able to do a lengthy car trip from Oregon to Cali with the dogs (and sometimes cats) like we usually do. Luckily, we have a couple of furry companion-deprived friends house-sitting and pet-sitting for us, so the kids are in good hands.

Still, this doesn’t decrease my separation anxiety.  Seriously, for someone who spends 5 minutes saying goodbye to each pet before leaving the house for just a few hours, spending 4 days seem like forever!

Thankfully we have Yoshi and the Twins (my mom’s Japanese Chin and her two kitties) so we’re not completely pet-deprived.  I’m just trying to maintain my anxiety so I don’t drive Dustin TOO crazy with “Do you think the kids are okay?” questions every two minutes for the remainder of the weekend….

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